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Hello i'm Chef Tommy ,

Being a Navy Chef for over 10 years and i've had the pleasure in feeding people from all over the world.  After being diagnosed May 5th 2016 with type 1 diabetes my whole outlook on life changed. Hospitalized with a blood sugar over 700.  I was scared , depressed and alone. So i had a choice to either adapt and overcome or let this take control of my life. "EAT TO LIVE" came to me in a dream. Ignited with  a new purpose in life to help people feed themselves through food science and exercise.  My mission to not only help  people suffering from type 1 & type 2 diabetes but help control their A1c (average blood sugar) but change the way we eat daily so that we can become more self sufficient in the kitchen. I know making healthy food choices for your children and family can be difficult , but one thing the  Navy has taught me is discipline: Discipline is a system that can be taught and eventually  become habit .  I am a "No-Nonsense" type of Chef feeding thousands of people daily has given me a "get it done attitude". If you give me 100% i will give you 150% in return.  I will teach you how to eat healthy long term. i will teach you how to shop, create , and prepare meals that   are cost efficient  easy to follow and most of all flavorful.  Join me on this journey to becoming a healthier you  "LET'S EAT TO LIVE".




Born in Washington D.C.  raised in Detroit's westside  Chef Tommy has had the best of both worlds.  A midwest flavor with a mix of city flavor.  Proud alumni of the Great "Grambling State University" . Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Spring 2007.  Joined the U.S. Navy in 2008 as a (CS) Culinary Specialist.  Type 1 diabetic since may 2016.


Cooking as always been apart his  life . Having a single mother groom him in the kitchen or his grandmothers baking fresh sock it to me cakes for the family . He could never stay out whether it was licking the bowl from pound cake or learning how to Bar-B-Q.  His family  is very close and what brings people closer together better than food!!!  Like most middle or lower class families we were not always able to eat the all organic or the healthiest of foods.  But now with health conscious brands they are stepping up their game.

We as the consumer must take responsibility in our food choices.  If you can consistently eat fast food everyday you can easily prepare quality wholesome food for you and your family.  People lack  the knowledge of how to prepare for a family members  or even themselves.  He even thought as a chef creating food to eat on a constant basis would be a breeze. It was extremely difficult.  Now that a year has passed and my blood glucose has dropped from 14.1 A1c to a 6.1 in a few months. How did i do it so quickly? Self-Discipline, Self-Testing , and Self-Therapy . I had to take it back to basics with the proper information to heal and manage my diabetes.

Cooking for the culture is my daily mission to provide gourmet healthy meals for people dealing with diabetes, weight -loss, high blood pressure etc...  Let me be your guide to success. I will train you from scratch cooking methods to meal planning all by yourself.


I didn't know where to turn ...

I thought I was going to die in that hospital bed . The doctor told me sorry but there is nothing we can do . 

/  Satisfied client  /


Finally somebody who understands our needs and frustrations. I'm sorry but eating healthy is expensive . Chef Tommy makes it super easy to meal prep and meal plan. Plus he walks you through everything. He definitely got me together when i was slacking to . /  Satisfied client  /